We’re proud of all of our products at Superior Nutraceuticals , but feel Burner is truly gold. Burner has been designed to be the most potent, most effective thermogenic on the market. With full, efficacious dosing of rock solid ingredients, presents a devastating new weapon for the war on fat. We found the right combination of ingredients to attack fat from every angle.

Let’s face it. Most products on the market today are nothing more than glorified caffeine pills. These products give a modest boost in energy, “tricking” you into thinking they are working, but do little if anything to actually burn fat. Sadly, the only thing you’ve lost is your money. Burner has been over-engineered. Not only does it provide insanely intense long lasting energy, we’ve included ingredients that work through multiple different pathways on multiple different body systems to burn fat. And every ingredient is fully dosed for maximum effectiveness. No shortcuts here.

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