Superior Nutraceuticals introduces fit femme!


Fit Femme is a stunning new female oriented fat burner designed for dieting women which incorporates the cutting edge of natural fat fighters based on the very latest research. When used in conjunction with an appropriate exercise programme it will help you enhance fat loss both by burning more fats off as energy, as well as making it harder for your body to get fat in the first place. As a bonus, it does this without including any harsh stimulants.

Let’s face it. Most products on the market today are nothing more than glorified caffeine powder. These products give a modest boost in energy, “tricking” you into thinking they are working, but do little if anything to actually burn fat. Sadly, the only thing you’ve lost is your money.

Why do women struggle to get lean? Compared to men, women have a lower level of muscle mass which immediately puts them on the back foot when it comes to losing body fat because your degree of muscle mass is a key variable in determining your body's basal metabolic rate. Furthermore, due to hormonal differences between men and women, female athletes will struggle to get lean, especially on their lower section of body even when they diet and train perfectly.

In Fit Femme, Superior Nutraceuticals have produced a female fat burner that has taken an exhaustive look at the state of current research in natural fat burning ingredients which have been shown to deliver superior results for women.


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