Key Highlights:

  • Non-Steroidal!
  • No PCT Required!
  • All Natural Mass Builder!
  • Lean & Hard, Dense Muscle!
  • Break Genetic Barriers!

Episterone the most potent, advanced, and non-prohormone muscle promoting agent on the market. Episterone contains a scientific breakthrough in performance enhancement unseen since the rise of the prohormones with one simple difference… Epigen is all natural!

  • Contains 150mg per serving of pure (-)-epicatechin and is NOT in a deceiving proprietary blend!
  • Contains ZERO steroidal ingredients!
  • Does NOT require a post cycle therapy (PCT)!
  • Potent free radical scavenging effects (1,2)!

Epigen is a revolutionary non-steroidal mass builder that aids in breaking genetic barriers to help support solid, rapid muscle gains. Unlike most other mass builders on the market, Epigen’s active ingredient is not a steroidal compound and does not have the same damaging effects that prohormones and oral steroids have been shown to have.


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