Support Your Muscle Development with an Epicatechin Supplement

When you want to bolster your muscle development, you need a workout supplement that supports rather than inhibits growth. Epicatechin is a flavanol that naturally occurs in plants such as green tea and cocoa. At Superior Nutraceuticals, we have an explicitly designed supplement you can buy online that transforms this flavanol into an easy to use form such as our Max 3 Range Epigen capsules.

How Epicatechin Supplement Works

Myostatin is a naturally occurring protein in our body that can limit muscle growth and development. Epicatechin works as an antioxidant that opposes the effects of Myostatin by reducing its ability to restrict muscle development. By increasing Epicatechin in your body, it augments a protein called Follistatin which is the protein that binds to Myostatin and inhibits its action in the body. In other words, Epicatechin counteracts the protein Myostatin and increases the body’s ability for muscle growth through working out. This is regardless of your genetic predisposition to the amount of Myostatin circulating in your body.

When you buy an Epicatechin supplement online, you are purchasing a product that has numerous benefits aside from muscle and strength enhancement. Other health benefits include an increase in the production of nitric oxide which works to dilate and relax blood vessels for increased blood flow and endurance. It can also help to regulate blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels and have a positive effect on your brain and heart health.

Whether you are aiming to increase your muscle mass, burn fat or improve your endurance, an Epicatechin supplement is an ideal product to buy as it is non-hormonal and has no side effects which makes it practical for both men and women. Our Epicatechin supplement available online is packaged in its most potent form using natural ingredients and based on scientific research and testing. Due to its harmless ingredients, an online purchase of an epicatechin supplement can be used safely over an extended period. It is also suggested you use it for a minimum of four weeks to get the best results.

We Stand By Our Products

We have an open policy with our customers and display the ingredients contained in our products. This gives you the confidence of knowing precisely what you’re consuming when purchasing from us. Our formulated supplementary sports nutrition is developed according to the latest research to bring you the purest and most effective dose of ingredients so that you will see results. We believe that you can expect the most out of our products.

Our supplements contain only what you need without any fillers or ingredients that are not advantageous in helping athletes with their sports and exercise. We take the production of high-quality supplements seriously, and our products have undergone severe testing yet are still competitively priced for you to buy. Contact us today to order your Epicatechin product, or for more information about which product is best for your workouts, talk to our knowledgeable staff.