About Superior Nutraceuticals

We have purposefully set out to be different in the sports nutrition marketplace. Instead of relying on marketing hype, outrageous claims and dubious endorsements to sell products with the greatest profit margins available, Superior Nutraceuticals decided to develop the most technical, purest and effective products in existence based on the latest scientific information available and the direction of industry-leading experts.

Many supplement companies offer fantastic promises with little or no information to back up their claims. Others hide behind secret “proprietary” blends, which may contain only trace elements of the advertised ingredients. We don’t take shortcuts or skimp on effective ingredients just to save a buck, and we don’t use “fillers.”
We always let the consumer know exactly what is in its products, guarantee quality with rigorous testing. 

Since our inception, Superior Nutraceuticals has sacrificed growth by ignoring the more lucrative “me too” products coupled with the all-too-familiar over the top advertising. We would much rather be known as the best sports nutrition company in the world instead of the biggest.